Updated Technology Stack


      The technology stack of Magento 2 looks great! The platform provides many new abilities, advanced tools and techniques to build the best Magento websites or accomplish migration of their existing site to the new version.
The new version provides a native support for Redis, Varnish, and Solr.

The next Magento 2 technology stack requirements are as follows:

  • PHP

  • Zend Framework

  • PSR-0, PSR-1, PSR-2, PSR-3, and PSR-4

  • Composer

  • HTML5

  • CSS3 (LESS pre-processor)

  • JQuery

  • RequireJS

  • Symfony

  • Apache

  • Nginx

  • MySQL

  • Gulp


The new version of the popular e-commerce platform has been substantially updated, so you will discover many new features and requirements compared to 1.x.
In the end, Magento 2 enables developers to use more advanced tools and technologies.

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