Magento is a quite flexible system which allows us to use a lot of different functionality out of the box. But anyway, rather difficult to say accurate terms and cost without additional requirements.


Based on that, before creating Magento store you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you have a current web hosting,domain name

  • How many products do you plan to upload? under 5000 products/more than 5000 products/other

  • What external systems do you need to integrate with

  • What payment methods do you want to use

  • Which shipment methods are suitable for you

  • What extensions do you want?

  • Managing products descriptions, images, orders, and stocks, shipments


        As you can see it is quite hard to anticipate accurate deadlines until we have comprehensive information and requirements. Based on our experience, the new store can take from 160 to 320+ hours or 1 to 3 months on average. But it depends on the complexity of the store and your desires. We will not give you empty promises with no clear requirements for the project.

  • What is the typical development process

We can distinguish a few stages for the development process:


Analyze your requirements, budget, project schedule and legal issues such as copyright and financial matters.


We can create a custom design or will use a ready solution


Setting up server environment, installing the store, adding and customization of external extensions, synchronizing the store with cloud services etc.


Testing QA engineers

Launching the new store


what else:

My store is launched already,  Can I get support services?

Surely we provide tech support services. We offer service for a specific issue or on a monthly contract basis.


Who will control and take care of my project?

We have dedicated person who is fully responsible for your project.


Working hours and communication?

Direct communication is possible from Monday-Friday,10:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m.


How much does it cost to develop my new store?

Important factors that will affect the cost of a Magento store:

  • Magento Version

  • Server configuration

  • Development Costs

  • Paid-external extensions

  • Paid-Magento Theme or custom design

  • Support


We have made a list of different packages:


Basic Magento Store

  • Provides Magento functionality out of the box

  • No Integration with Back-Office Systems or cloud services

  • Under 5000 products

  • Design Implementation of ready solution

  • Set up Transactional Emails with Logo

  • Setting up and configuration of SMTP server

  • Integrate Payment Processors such as Authorize.net and PayPal

  • Testing

  • Basic Shipping & Tax Configuration Set Up

  • Internal quality assurance (QA) to ensure cross-browser compatibility and functioning of all features

  • Server configuration


Custom(extended) Magento Store

  • All features included in the previous package

  • Custom Magento Design

  • Integration the store with Back Office Systems or cloud services

  • Amazon, eBay synchronization

  • Installation/configuration/extension of external modules according to customer needs

  • More than 5000 products

  • SEO Advanced Package

  • Custom Banner/Graphics

  • Installation and configuration external search engines (Solr, Sphinx, Algolia search)

  • WordPress Blog Integration

  • Social Media Sharing Option

  • Social login

  • Connection with Back Office Accounting Systems, Sales Force, Rewards Program, and Other Affiliate Marketing Systems (needs to be discussed)

  • Testing / QA

  • Code Documentation

  • Warranty and Support

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