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We help businesses control the cyber resilience of their it resources against malicious attacks

Did you know that

Only 10 % of organizations globally told they felt "very confident" about data security

44 % of organizations said they suffered a successful phishing attack in 2018 — up from 30 % in 2017.

54 % of firms had data breaches in 2018 involving the theft of customer and employee information.

61 % of SMBs experienced a cyber-attack in the last 12 months of 2018, up from 55 % in 2017
Each organization faced an average of 11.4 successful phishing attacks in 2018 Every 39 seconds a hacker attacks an internet-connected computer

Who We Are

We are a cybersecurity company comprised of young and experienced professionals who have completed 105 security projects for customers from 15 countries in 2018. Our security experts possess the following certifications: CEH v9, ISO 27001 LA, OSCP, HIPPA, CCNA, eWPT and eCPPT.

Our industries:

  • Software Development

  • Hosting Providers

  • Logistics

  • E-commerce

  • Fintech

  • Blockchain

  • Online Gaming

  • News Sites and Media Publications

  • Financial Services

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We are good at:


Our security experts act out the role of a hacker, trying to compromise IT systems and employees to discover any potential weaknesses that could be exploited by real hackers. We collect the results of our simulated hacker attacks, summarize them and present our findings in a high-level report that contains an executive summary, found vulnerabilities ranged according to CVSS v3 including our specific recommendations for fixing them.

Penetration Testing Services: web, iOS, Android

Deliverables: Consultant Technical Report with detailed findings Remediation recommendations and technical references

Network & System Testing:

Our approach is to identify the most serious risks and security flaws first and then focus on the less obvious areas as the project proceeds. Firstly, we test the network for vulnerabilities from the outside, conducting the test from the point of view of an uninformed attacker. We then gradually increase the amount of information given to our testers until they assume the role of a trusted user of the network trying to access an unauthorized resource or service.


Consultant Technical Report with a detailed findings section. Screenshots or a detailed description regarding the reproduction of security issues Vulnerabilities ranked by Risk level, CWE, CVSS v3.0.


A Smart Contract Audit evaluates the overall architecture and design choices, as well as whether the code has been written according to the most up to date and established practices for Smart Contract development.

We have embraced new and trending technologies and have joined the community of blockchain auditing companies to offer our expertise in auditing smart contracts on the Ethereum, EOS and TRON networks.


Report with an as-is overview, executive summary and found vulnerabilities along with our recommendations on how to fix them.


A company security audit is a set of tools and procedures which check that the architecture and implementation of the IT systems in your organization are resistant to malicious software, black hat hackers, DoS / DDoS attacks. They also ensure your employees are aware of how to avoid and deal with phishing attacks and social engineering techniques.

This service includes the following components:

  • Network security assessment, including Wi-Fi network

  • Web security assessment

  • Load Testing

  • Performance Testing

  • DoS / DDoS testing

  • Phishing simulation

  • Social engineering testing

Key Objectives of Service

To implement basic control measures for operations of information security in the organization. Protect the organization against security breaches and data leaks. Ensure the information and information processing tools are secure and protected from cybercriminals and black hat hackers according to the best practice experience. Prevent exploitation of technical vulnerabilities and logic errors in IT systems.

Prevent exploitation of security vulnerabilities in IT systems. Log events, provide evidence, report identified issues and present remediation recommendations.

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