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M-integration is a well-known, trusted and experienced company with branches in Europe and Ukraine. The CEO and founder Denis Bolkovenko founded M-Integration in 2014, after identifying the increased market demand for high-quality development professional services with an end-to-end model and shorter delivery times.


M-Integration is a key player in two main areas: Magento Ecommerce solutions and Full lifecycle development (Custom Solutions, FinTech, Start-ups). The company has embraced the better, faster, cheaper tenets and leadership principles that are well known within the cloud world.


Denis is a certified and very experienced Magento developer, and as such he understands the complete end-to-end business processes in-depth. This knowledge, experience and high standards have allowed him to lead his teams to provide a consistent world-class service with shorter turn-around times at a lower cost.

M-Integration delivers value for businesses through technology, as an integrated solution in a partner model: this makes M-Integration stand out from many other companies that mostly focus on a single set of technologies independent from consumption model, integration, processes or delivery model.

In 2018 M-Integration gained the much coveted status of Magento General Extension Partner - more about this here, which independenly validates the company's expertise, high standards, dedication, and reputation in the Magento community.

What We Offer


Magento 2 - Full Sales Solutions
Full cycle development, design, upgrade and support services for your e-commerce business.


Custom Development
The team is ready to deliver any technical solutions for implementing business ideas regardless of the technology and requirements.
We will assist you with any stage of your business to achieve the result.


Outstaffing Services
As a customer, you will have complete control of project deadlines, via a dedicated management
dashboard and direct access to our experienced developers.


The M-Integration Team

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    Chief Executive Officer
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    Vice President (London)
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    Chief Operating Officer

The M-Integration team consists of Developers, QA Testers, Graphical Illustrators and Project Managers: working with M-Integration is a one-stop-shop which will allow your projects to come to value much faster.

The M-Integration team because of its wide experience, ranging from Venture Capital Proof Of Concept (POC), migrations and complete end-to-end solutions, to online e-commerce sales of high volume consumer and white goods.

Our customer base spans across a wide variety of industries, ranging from Venture Capital Proof Of Concept (POC) and solutions, to online e-commerce sales of high volume consumer goods, white goods, and e-commerce presence/portfolio projects.

M-Integration is a flat hierarchical company, where you can engage directly with the CEO, who also remains part of the development team as a seasoned developer for a.o. Magento projects.


How We Work

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    M-Integration provides a very level of quality with a very short delivery time, through the use of modern approaches such as project sprints, agile/scrum methodology, and integrated testing.

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    Projects are managed with sprints and a backlog, lead to predictable results and timelines and avoid surprises for the application owner, and delivery teams.

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    Customers are given access to real-time Sprints and Backlogs and the development is managed through a ticketing system with STAR methodology, empowering agile/scrum ways of working, while maintaining a high level of stability and control over the project.

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    M-Integration team members are contactable directly via Slack, allowing direct communication with the teams for improved agility and shorter delivery cycles with increased value.

Our Core Values

  • Customer Obsession. The team obsesses over customers, their needs and how to add value; the customer value is our first priority.

  • We are different, because every client is different. For each client we provide an individual suitable approach and solutions.

  • Creating a strategy. Regardless of the business stage you can rely on us as we understand the final result, its place and its value.

  • Transparency. We created all the tools to show the transparent processes and provide you with an accurate deadline.

  • Long-term relationships. We work in a partnership, remain available and strive to build a long-term relationship based on value and a deep understanding or your business model.

  • Reputation. We always greatly value our customers and our reputation. Excellent work allows us to extend our customer base.

  • Fair price. Our location advantages, make us stand out among others, as we are able to deliver world-class level of services at (often below or very) fair market prices.

  • Dedication. As a team we will give all the required staff to solve any problem you might have regardless of the project stage or level of complexity: we are a one-stop-shop delivering business value better, faster and cheaper.

Some Of Our Customers

Working with M-Integration will allow you to focus on your desired outcome and the value it will add to your business.


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