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      Magento Server 2. System Requirements. 
Magento 2.0 looks great, but can it be installed on the server like Magento 1.x? As you know, version 2 has many new features that acquire new technologies from the server. Before choosing the best hosting system, it is necessary to understand which server environment will be compatible with Magento. This is important because normal hosting platforms are not able to handle it so it results in a slow and negative user experience. In addition, to have good website speed, we strongly advise you to place your store on a dedicated server.

      Before making a choice between the different options, consider one significant thing that will tell us which hosting system is best – what speed and level of support can be provided to customers from this?

With PHP7, Magento 2 requires these PHP extensions on the server:

  • soap

  • xml

  • xsl

  • zipmbstring

  • mbstring

  • mcrypt

  • mhash

  • openssl

  • bc-math

  • curl

  • gd, ImageMagick 6.3.7 (or later) or both

  • intl


  • SimpleXML

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