SEO Optimization


      Very often we hear that Magento 1 store owners sometimes face certain drawbacks in terms of SEO. Fortunately, with the development of Magento 2, the appropriate changes were made.

If you are considering going to Magento 2 or creating a new store, the following is a list of the new SEO settings that are available from the box:

  • Auto-Generation

  • Google analytics

  • Meta tags products

  • Seo-friendly URLs for products

  • Meta tags and SEO -friendly URLs for categories

  • Meta tags for home page

  • Prefixes and suffixes for title tags

  • Images optimization

  • Control of site indexing

  • Meta robots

  • XML sitemap

  • Suffix for product and category URLs


As you can see, much has been done to improve SEO and the most needed online marketing opportunities and useful functions for Magento 2. These improvements give an advantage over other CMS systems for business owners who are going to create a new store or move the current store to version 2.

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