New Secure Payments


      Magento is the most powerful CMS for e-commerce. This platform provides the most famous and secure payment methods, services and gateways. We also have integration with high performing payment gateways such as PayPal, Authorise.net Braintree, CyberSource and WorldPay.

      Initially, Magento 2 comes with three standard default payments.

      More than 7 million businesses use PayPal. It offers a quick payment and accepts international payments.
You can use PayPal Express Checkout as a standard option, or combine it with another PayPal payment solution.

      Authorize.Net has more than 440 000 customers, merchants and many business partners. After a one-time payment, they do not allow you to save credit card information and create recurring payments, which means that customers must enter their credit card information as long as they make a purchase.

      Braintree is used in more than 44 countries and has more than 130 currencies, global fraud protection, and local payment skills within a single integration.

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