Creating a New Store from Scratch


      Magento 2 is a modern and powerful platform with many features, but at the same time is very difficult for developers. The current or future business owner should understand that the development process is a complex task and depends not only on the development team, but also on the speed of communication and information received from the client.


Before you decide to create a store, you need to answer the following questions to figure out what you really need and keep the developer in touch with the client:

  • 1) Does your current web host have a powerful enough server that specializes in Magento?

  • 2) How many products do you plan to upload? Under 5000 products or more than 5000 products?

  • 3) What extensions do you want?

  • 4) What do you sell or what are you planning to sell online? Products, services or both?

  • 5) What external systems do you need to integrate?

  • 6) What are your expected completion dates for the project?

  • 7) What is the budget range for your project?


As you can see, creating a well thought out e-commerce store will require a lot of effort and will depend on many factors. Taking our experience into account, we need about 160 or more hours on average to create the new store. We can give you a realistic estimate and cost after getting a clear list of requirements and discussing this information with you!

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