3rd Party Integration


      Our company has solid experience and knowledge in the field of third-party integration services.
Do you hope to increase and improve the efficiency of your Magento store by integrating third-party software?
M-integration will provide all the tools and take over all the processes for successful integration. As a result, the business owner will get successful and functional integration to offer additional functions, tools or services in your Magento store.

Third-party integration includes:

  • Payment Gateways

  • API Integration

  • Integration of external parties

  • Integration with CMS

  • Theme Magento or the integration of templates

  • Integration with the SMS gateway

  • Integration of payment gateways

  • We can also customize the extension based on your own requirements and functions

  • We can perform any complex work for our customers in order to expand the user experience and improve the buyers' impression of your store

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